Our Love Story: Choosing Adoption

We met in 2012, set up by my sister Lauren and her husband Ryan (We're forever grateful to you guys!).  Falling in love was effortless and sweet, as natural and meant-to-be as I'd always hoped for.  Shortly after we met, Ethan moved from Virginia to take a job in the Pennsylvania area.  This also allowed Ethan to grow closer to my family while we were dating, something I will always cherish.  Within a year of him moving we were engaged, and we married in 2014.

Even before we married, we felt a strong and confident desire to adopt.  In November 2016, we realized that we had separately been considering the idea of growing our family through adoption before trying to have biological children.  Over the months that followed, we prayed for wisdom in making that decision, and spent time educating ourselves on what it would look like to say yes.  Through prayer, research and education, our desire and dedication to move forward have only grown.  So, we are moving forward in assurance that God has given us this desire and placed this call on our lives.  While there will always be uncertainties and anxieties in making life changing decisions, we move forward in the unshakable knowledge that we walk with Jesus.  His presence alone is enough to cast out any fear.

On September 26th, 2017 we made an official step forward by completing our first home study.  We are slowly and eagerly moving towards becoming a waiting family!  Though our timeline is unknown, and the process feels daunting at times, we believe in a big God.  We are excited to see what He does, even in the midst of waiting.

A gift He's always given us is friends and family, both near and far, to call home.  We believe in the power of community, especially when it comes to raising a family, and want our child to experience that.  From the overwhelming amount of support and encouragement we've experienced in deciding to step forward, we know this will be the case.  We feel so excited and blessed that our child will be walking into the same love that has been so graciously placed in our lives by God.

We cannot thank you enough for taking the time to read our story. 

Love, Love, Love,

E & L